What Is Better An IEP Or A 504?

If your child has a learning disability in school, there are programs that they can become part of to make sure that they get the help that they need. There are two in particular that you should consider. One will allow them to get an IEP. The other is called a Section 504 plan. There is some debate over which one of these is going to provide your child with a better chance of improving their situation. Let’s go over the similarities and differences between IEP’s and 504s to show you which one might be better for your child.

What Is An IEP?

This is the name for the Individualized Education Program that is provided for students with learning disabilities. It represents an educational program that is specifically designed to help your child learn based upon their current level of understanding. Some children do not develop as quickly as others and therefore it is important for them to how this extra help. When a child has an IEP, they cannot be discriminated against because of what could be a learning disability, allowing them to proceed with their class and learn along with them.

What Is A Section 504 Plan?

This was designed after the Rehabilitation Act Of 1973 was passed. This particular act is one that prohibits any type of discrimination on a child in school based upon the current disability that they have. There are many children that will maintain this status all throughout elementary school and high school so that they can learn in a proficient manner with a plan designed for them. It is a federal law that must be complied with, and if your child has this, they will get the educational help that they need.

Which One Is Better?

For many children, having an IEP is a much better choice because they have a very specific learning disability. Section 504 is going to protect kids with a wide variety of handicaps, whereas the IEP will have an individualized educational program that is designed to help with their specific learning disability. Therefore, if your child is fully functional, yet they are struggling with math or English, the IEP can be written in such a way to accommodate them for that particular handicap. It is much more useful, and very specific, allowing children to excel much more rapidly once it is in place. You can learn more from cramplawfirm.com