Defining Autism As A Disability

There is a disability that many people have called autism, whether they live in Los Angeles or in New York or anywhere in between. It is referred to as a spectrum disorder, one that is brain-based. It can create many problems including difficulties with social communication, and people will often have repetitive behaviors. They will have interest and activities that they will do, but they will do them in a unique manner that is the result of their condition. It is a developmental disability, one that leads to behavioral and communication challenges, which is why it’s covered under the IDEA act. However, some of the people that have this condition have amazing problem-solving capabilities, sometimes related to mathematics.

Early Signs Of Autism

Autism is something that can be detected as early as the first year of a child’s life. It is most noticeable if they begin to fixate on objects indefinitely, or if they are not responsive to the request of other people. If they are older, they are not going to make eye contact, and repetitive movements are quite common. When they play with toys, it will be in a very different way from all of the other girls and boys. As they get older, this condition will worsen, something that will be very obvious by the time they reach the age where they can attend kindergarten. Once they reach adulthood, they are going to have severe anxiety in social situations, difficulty understanding empathy, and making conversation with other people will be extremely hard to do.

Are There Any Treatments For Autism?

There is no actual treatment for autism. It is a condition that they will have to learn to live with. It is actually thought that children develop this as a result of getting MMR vaccinations. Although the studies are not conclusive, showing no scientific evidence that this is the reason that they have developed autism, there are many people that believe that this is true. It is a condition that is worsening, with one in 45 children being diagnosed with ASD.

The only way to treat this condition is to deal with the symptoms of autism. They will have to receive help from a therapist that understands how to help them with their repetitive nature. They will be able to develop motor skills, and through the process of imitation, can actually learn to interact and operate as other children do. All of this will be covered in their Individualized Education Plan. People that are older may not have the ability to reduce the effects of this disorder. Until it is determined what has actually caused this within the millions of people that have it, this will be the only treatment option available.