What Does Mean If Your Child Has Emotional Disturbance?

If you have recently taken your child in to speak with a doctor about problems they are having, such as an inability to learn, they may diagnose them with having an emotional disturbance. This is a conclusion that they may come to as a result of testing their five sensory perceptions, and will conclude that it is something that is in the brain, specifically affecting their life because of an emotional disturbance. There are ways to determine if your child has gone through this type of ordeal, and ways of treating this condition. Let’s define what an emotional disturbance is, and then go over the different treatment options that are available today.

What Is The Definition Of An Emotional Disturbance?

This is often detected in school, specifically after a teacher has determined that the child is not able to learn properly. It is not that they are incapable, but they seem to have either a sensory, intellectual, or health disorder that is causing the problem. The ability to maintain proper interpersonal relations with not only their friends but with teachers will begin to diminish. Their behavior will also be an indication of this problem. They may become moody, being diagnosed as bipolar or depressed. Doctors will be able to come to this conclusion once they have assessed that there is nothing wrong with their ability to process information.

How Is An Emotional Disorder Treated?

In the same way that behavioral disorders are treated with medications, so also can emotional disorders. Physicians will often recommend talk therapy before recommending any type of pharmaceutical to help them. For example, they may ask you to take your child to a psychologist in order to discuss the problems they may be having. This type of therapy can help them identify the negative feelings that they are harboring inside, and begin to work through the negative thought patterns which are impeding their ability to socialize and learn. If it is determined that they do have a bipolar disorder as a result of this emotional disorder, they may be given medication such as an antidepressant such as Paxil or Zoloft. They may also recommend medication such as Adderall. These have been shown to help kids deal with these problems, but it is a measure of last resort as it can also have side effects that can affect their behavior even more.

Emotional disorders or disturbances are typically the result of a trauma that has happened in the past. It might be repressed, and therefore they may not be able to recall what has happened. Through psychotherapy, these repressed feelings may be revealed, allowing the child to release that emotion inside that is causing the problem. If this can be done, sometimes the symptoms of this disorder will diminish, allowing them to become more progressive at school and socialize on a much more normal level. This is a condition that can affect anyone, and if you believe that your child is suffering from an emotional disturbance, these are the ways that it can be diagnosed and potentially treated.