Understanding The Facts About An Individualized Family Service Plan

Once a child has been identified as having developmental delays then parents will want to immediately apply for an Individual Family Service Plan. This plan is specifically for children who are infants and up to 3 years old. A service coordinator will help develop this specific individual family service plan for eligible children and their family. This plan specifically works to help get the very best result for the child’s development through public education.

Is IFSP And IEP The Same Thing?

The big difference between these two plans is the fact that an infant or child up to the age of 3 depends wholly and totally on their family. For this reason, the individual family service plan will be based on the whole family dynamic when developing the plan to maximize the child’s development. The Individual Education Program, on the other hand, is based completely on the student and this program or plan specifically focuses on the education of the child.

Parents will want to recognize that they should play an intricate part in the development of the individual family service plan. Because this plan will focus completely on the family and how it can help the child to significantly improve, then the parents must be involved.

What’s Included In The Individual Family Service Plan?

It must be determined exactly what level of functioning your child has with regard to their ability to communicate, their cognitive abilities, their physical abilities, they’re emotional and adaptive development are all things that need to be understood when formulating this plan. Parents will need to know that very often all of these things can be greatly improved with time and patience and with the correct amount of determination when helping your child.

Some of the determinations that will be made while formulating this plan are the results that parents can expect to achieve for their child. There will be specific plans for early intervention and for developing as many situations in a natural environment as possible. It will also be determined where and when meetings will take place.

Once The IFSP Is Ready To Be Implemented

Once the plan is ready to be implemented it will require the parent’s written consent. Once that happens then the particular plan that was formulated will then be carried out on behalf of the child. All the information that was gathered will be used as a roadmap to develop the plan for your child.