What Is The Definition Of Deafness?

Deafness or hearing loss is a condition in which a person is not able to either hear at all, or they will have lost part of their ability to hear properly. Symptoms of this condition include total hearing loss, or people will not be able to hear at certain frequencies. People, to determine how their ears are functioning, participate in tests that focus on things like the intensity of noise, pitch, or even both. This can lead to challenges for education that people must face because they are not able to hear what people are saying, which is why this disability is covered under the IDEA act.

The Symptoms Of Deafness

The most obvious symptom associated with being deaf is not being able to hear anything around you. If you are partially deaf, people may have to speak more loudly so that you can hear them, or you may need to invest in a hearing aid that can help. Some people are only deaf in one ear, whereas others may be deaf in both. There are many causes of deafness which can be complications at birth, chickenpox, mumps, sickle cell disease, and even conditions like syphilis or diabetes can lead to losing your hearing.

Treatments For Deafness

The treatment for deafness that you receive will depend upon the severity of the condition itself. There could be damage to the ear canal, eardrum, or even the auditory nerve. When you go to see a professional, when you believe that you are losing your hearing, they will run a series of tests to determine what is causing the problem. They may recommend hearing aids, surgery, and if it is in the early stages, they may actually ask you to change your lifestyle or diet.

Deafness is a condition that people can learn to live with. People that are completely deaf learn sign language or learn to read lips, in order to communicate with others. For those that have substantial hearing loss, but that can still hear, will opt for hearing aids that can boost the sounds of the world around them. Many modern treatments, especially in the area of surgery, have shown great promise in repairing damage to the ear allowing people to hear once again. If you believe that you are losing your hearing, you should set an appointment with an otolaryngologist that will be able to help you potentially treat this condition.